Delivering you the same health outcomes when you’re unable to visit the clinic

If you are unable to visit the clinic during the COVID-19 Pandemic,  we can deliver the same great outcomes using our online video-based consultation model.
These consultations have been proven to provide the same results for patients and include comprehensive home exercise prescription and monitoring.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a video call.  A telehealth appointment is just like a regular appointment; only the physio you will be seeing and talking with, is on a monitor with sound coming through speakers.

We hope the following information provides you with the answers you need to decide if a telehealth appointment is going to meet your needs.  If you are not sure, call the clinic on 8347 2043.

Who Would Benefit from a Telehealth Appointment?

  • Anyone who is in isolation and needs advice about a muscle, joint or pain issue that they would normally go to a physio for.
  • Anyone who is after an idea of what is wrong, and wants advice and exercises to get moving and on the way to being pain free.
  • Conditions that are well suited to telehealth consults are shoulder and hip bursitis, rotator cuff injury, arthritic pain and acute injuries.
  • If you are doing a rehabilitation program, we can assess and progress your program via Telehealth.

What Will it Cost?

  • If you are on an Enhanced Primary Care Plan and have physio consults available on this plan, Medicare will fund this service until September 2020.
  • Private health rebates are now available for many funds including BUPA.
  • Work cover and third party do cover these services as well. Please contact the clinic to ensure the correct forms are completed prior to your telehealth appointment.

What Sort of Treatment Can You Offer To Get Me Better With A Telehealth Consult?

  • Advice like whether you need to get moving or rest.  If you need crutches or tape or compression or ice packs- we have things in stock and you could call past to pick them up.
  • We can advise on what activity you can and can’t do.
  • We can demonstrate specific exercises  for you to do to get you back to your best. We have exercise tools we can send to you electronically with clear instructions on what to do and we will follow up with your progress over the following weeks.

How Can The Physio Assess Things Properly With A Telehealth Consult?

  • The first part of our normal assessment is asking questions. This part of the consult is the same and we get a lot of important information about the potential cause of the problem from this.
  • During the next part, we will ask you to do some movements and feel different areas of your body.  This will help us confirm if what we thought from asking you lots of questions is  correct.   We all have a lot of experience behind us and have worked in sporting areas where these types of assessments are done regularly.

What If My Back is Stiff and I Need my Normal Hands on Treatment to Get Better?

  • If you do not have to self isolate and are otherwise well, we are still open for hands on therapy.  We are taking extra precautions with our infection control procedures during Covid-19 which you can view here.
  • The right stretches and exercises can help stiffness, so if you aren’t sure what exercises to do, the telehealth consult would be a good option if you cant make it to the clinic due to the Covid -19 restrictions.

What Equipment Do I Need?

  •  A computer, lap top or tablet work best for a teleconference but you can use a smart phone.
  • The computer/lap top needs a microphone and camera (most computers do that are less than 5 years old) and good internet.
  • You will be sent a confirmation email with all the details on how to connect.

What are Some Other Benefits of Telehealth?

  • Improved access to health services for people who are in isolation and for rural and remote communities
  • Reduced travel and costs
  • Reduced time away from home
  • Reduced need to make lengthy family or day care arrangements.
  • Reduced  of time off work to attend appointments.

Together we can keep each other safe and healthy