Do you want to keep your body performing well and reduce the stress of everyday life? Try regular Massage Therapy.

Most of you would agree that massage makes us feel good. It helps us feels looser, reduces aches, pains and stress and can help us to prepare or recover from an event.  Many of us however treat massage as a luxury and only come for treatment when pain and stress are high.  Regular massage therapy is a good way to keep on top of things so you can perform and feel great, most of the time.

There are also lots of different types of massage, such as remedial massage, sports massage. Relaxation massage, deep tissue and the list goes on.  You may not know what kind of massage you need, but our massage therapists have a wide range of skills and techniques to provide you with the perfect treatment that is right for you.

So why is massage therapy so good?

There are many different health conditions and diseases that are known to benefit from massage.

Soft Tissue Injuries:

Massage therapy is very beneficial for anyone suffering a soft tissue injury such as a sprain or strain to a muscle or tendon. Massage will increase the circulation through the blood and lymph systems. Increasing circulation through the lymphatic system assists in better circulation of lymphatic fluid, which helps clean out and nourish cells. Improving blood circulation provides the injury with an increase in red and white blood cells, which play a significant role in healing tissue damage.

Massage can also break down unwanted scar tissue and allows the muscle to heal in a more flexible and mobile way.  It can also reduce the risks of re-injury in the future, keeping the muscle tissue healthy and strong.

But what if I don’t have a soft tissue injury?

There are many viable reasons why someone should get a massage even if they are not struggling with an injury. We all know that we live in a high-stress society, and most people will have everyday stresses from work, family or life in general.

Recent studies show that massage will reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone) produced in the body by about 31% and increase serotonin and dopamine levels (feel-good hormones) by approximately 26%.

So why are you waiting? Start being and feeling better today and book in for your regular massage with Nicky.

Private health rebates can be claimed on the day of treatment.

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