Anyone with a sports injury, joint complaint, back or neck pain and other health concerns are welcome.

If you…
  • Need a physio who understands your problem
  • Are unable to reach your health and fitness goals due to pain
  • Have a chronic pain problem that needs a long-term solution
…then, we have helped hundreds of people just like you and enabled them to get back to doing what they love doing best.
Call 8347 2043 now or book online an initial assessment. Let us help you to perform, move and feel better.

West Lakes Physio is your Sports Physiotherapist nearby.

We have physiotherapists with knowledge and experience in …

  • Sports physiotherapy-we have two physios who work with the Crows AFL and WAFL team
  • Spinal and posture physiotherapy;
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy for seniors with a focus on osteoporosis and arthritis;
  • Vertigo due to BPPV.

Other services available at our clinic include Podiatry and Remedial Massage.

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To request a Physio, Massage or Podiatry appointment, first complete the Appointment form and we will call you to confirm.


PHONE:  08 8347 2043

Our 3 Steps To Injury Recovery

Our 3 Step Approach will identify the problem and find a long term solution to keep you moving, participating and living the lifestyle you want to live.

Step 1.
Comprehensive Initial Assessment

At West Lakes Physio, our comprehensive initial assessment will identify:

  • What’s wrong or not working so well
  • How long it will take to get better
  • What you can do and we can do to get you better

We will take the time to explain our findings with straightforward explanations.

Step 2.
Personalised Treatment Plan

A treatment program is discussed with you to formulate a tailored plan that is specific to your needs.  Our focus is improving pain first to get you more comfortable and moving better.

We offer up to date treatment and exercise techniques to help you meet your goals.  Moving and mobilising stiff joints, massage, dry needling, stretching and strengthening exercises are just a few of the options.

Step 3.
Keeping you Moving and Pain-Free

Some problems require a period of rehabilitation to allow long term recovery or prevent re-injury.

Our clinic offers a range of personalised rehabilitation choices, including Physio Group Exercise Sessions, the GLAD program for hip and knee osteoarthritis or home-based exercise options using technology to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly.