If you’ve navigated to this page, you likely have a painful problem affecting the things you need to be able to do in your life.  It may be an injury in sport, or perhaps it’s been there for a while, and all things you’ve tried can’t get rid of it. You want to know if our Physios can help you.

Welcome, and let’s get to the bottom of your problem.   What can Physio do for you to help you move and feel better today?

What do our Physios Do?

Put simply, we listen, we move and feel the area, we set out a plan and we review to make sure our plan is working.

  • When you see our physios, we will listen to the reason that has bought you into the clinic. We will look at the way you move to understand the possible causes of your problem.
  • We will use our hands to feel the muscles and joints to help identify what structure might be involved. Sometimes the bones and joints are doing well, and other factors are responsible for ongoing pain issues. Working all this out is what we are good at; it’s what we love, and it’s why our treatments are successful.
  • We will explain to you what we find and outline what we can do to help. We will let you know what things you can do to speed up the recovery process.  Then we will teach you how to prevent the problem from returning.

At West Lakes Physio, we are all about you- Your pain, Your story and finding Your customised solution.

What Type of Treatments do we Do?

Our Physiotherapists have a definite hands-on bias which may include joint mobilisation, manipulation, massage, stretching, dry needling and neural mobilisation.  We also help you understand more about your condition.  This is particularly important if you have had pain for a long time.

Exercise prescription is also a big part of what we do.  We will teach you how to strengthen the relevant muscles and use the injured area without causing harm.

Our modern and spacious new clinic has a large gym and Injury rehabilitation area to facilitate a full recovery and get you back to your best.  We offer individual exercises programs delivered in a small group or one on one with the physio. For knee and hip osteoarthritis, we run the internationally recognised GLA:D program– an education and exercises program designed to prevent or prolong the need for joint replacement and repeated arthroscopy.